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Pray for our friends


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Let's all say a prayer for our dear friends who are in the line of fire. Pray that they and their homes are safe. Also that the smoke does not make their conditions worse. I lived through those fires in that same area 4 years ago and I will never forget the smoke. God bless and keep all of you safe. Lillian

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How sweet and thoughtful, Lillian. My parents were evacuated from San Diego County. Came up here to be in the middle of our Los Angeles County fires! With all that's happening, so far we've suffered no more than inconvenience. Many others have lost so much.

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Thanks also. We were discussinng this in Chat last nite and are concerned for Andrea that we know is out there and All other members in that area. THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS and let us know if we can help with anything of course.

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