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My first chemo treatment


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Hi everyone, well I finally started treatment today. Was a little scared but I put on the gloves anyways and started the fight :wink: . I had a 5 hour session today, it really wasn't that bad, although it hurt like you would not believe when she put in the first iv, it went in alright but when she put the tape on it it must have went through the vein and when she started the iv it hurt bad and was burning something awful. It put a huge bump on my arm so she had to put the iv in the other arm after that everything went fine.

I do have a little nausea, but otherwise I am feeling alright.I go back tomorrow and Thursday for my last 2 treatments in this round. Then I get 3 weeks off and start again. I just wanted to keep you all posted and again to thank you for all your help and prayers.


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You iwll feel better emotionally when you hear great news after the first set of scans saying there is SHrinkage. We did feel better knowing things were working

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