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Cancer sucks for us !!!!


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My story about me having stage 4 lung cancer. One word SUCKS. They tell me not to worry well that is not happening. The strangest thing it is not about beating my cancer because I know in my heart I will. My 13 year old son looking at me when I say no I don’t have no money for you. Now that is the hardest thing I have done in the 13 years of his life. I just didn’t give him every thing he wanted made him work for it. Now can’t give him anything because I don’t have it.

I started working when I was 14 so I know nothing is just gave to you well not me anyway. So That is how I tried to raise my son.. IF YOU WANT SOMETHING GOT TO WORK FOR IT...... Guess it worked because he knows we are having a hard time and he wants a job. He’s a kid and I hate what he is going threw and can’t change it. His dad is dead so he can’t get no help there either just hard on him and me too.

Well thanks for reading this.

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Now that sounds tough Wendy. I have money issues too, but at least I my kids are adults and I am satisfied with just staying at my house and not going anywhere. At least I can still pay the bills. I hope your son finds a little job that can help him feel good about stuff. Maybe he could do yard work in the neighborhood?

Don M

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Gosh wendy...that sure does suck....grrrrr....Maybe like Don said he could get a little job...mowing the lawn or helping out neighbors...cause he's a bit too young for a real job...I will be praying that things get better for you...How bout extended family...do you have any...maybe they could pitch in and help...

many prayers to you and your son...hugs..Nonni

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My kids have also had to make sacrifices due to their dad having cancer. There is just no way we can do what we used to do. When John was diagnosed my middle daughter was into horseback riding. I had to explain that we could no longer go to the shows-- it was too hard to get her there and spend the day waiting for her to compete. It turned out she didn't care, lessons were fine. They've all had to give up many things, not due to money issues but because it just isn't possible to live life after cancer like you could before cancer. I feel badly we can no longer make all their sporting events and be there for them like we used to.

Having a job will be a good experience for your son and make him a responsible adult. Just keep letting him know how much you love him, that is what matters. There may be agencies in your area that will help you with some of your expenses.


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It's a very, very hard thing to go thru.

I also have a son at home, (he's 14), and although we've never been "rolling in dough" anyway, there's a lot of things we've been learning to do without lately.

It's hard for the kids , although I think they understand more then we give them credit for :(.

Just the fact that your son, (and my son too!), are thinking about the fact that if they want "extra's", they'll have to find a way to buy them , is probably a good trait to learn.

It's hard for a mamma though. :(

I'm sorry, and I hope things start looking up for you soon. If there's anything I can help you with, please just PM me. I've gathered lot's of numbers for Organizations that may be able to help.

Take care,


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First my heart goes out to you for not only having cancer but being a single parent as well. I grew up in a similar situation not having a father (died when I was nine) and not always having things. Like you my mother (with 3 kids) also had to struggle and instilled in me if I wanted something I had to work for it, nothing was free. Looking back what I realized that it was not money or material things that mattered the most, it was that my mother did her best and that she loved me with everything she had. Tell you son that right now things are hard but that it will get better and if there is anything he can do to help he should. But more importunely tell him you have each other to lean on, that you love him and that the both of you will get through this together. Will keep the both of you in my prayers.


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