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Bronchoscopy Friday 10/26


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Well, I have taken the day off of work on Friday to be with Mom and Dad at the Clinic. I will have my pad and pen with me! And I love the idea of the tape recorder. My mom thinks I'm crazy (God love her) but I may buy one before Friday anyhow. We'll see.

I've done a search on "bronchoscopy" here and got some good info. Can you tell me, will we leave Friday knowing more than when we went in? What type of info can/do they give you right away? I know we see the doc afterwards, so I'm assuming he'll have some news/update for us. Any other helpful tips to prepare for the day?

Thank you!

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The "bronchoscopy" is a pretty easy procedure. Your Mom should have no problems with it. As for information, the doctor might be able to tell you some things, but I am sure a biopsy will be done and the results might take a few days. I wish her all the best. Stay positive.

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good luck, and so glad you were able to get your mother in sooner than her original appt. i've been down that road and i know how stressful it is.

one thing the drs can likely tell you all the day of the bronch is whether there has been any tumor invasion into the bronchus, which is important information to know. but whether there are cancer cells in a washing they will likely do, or any tissue they may sample, that will take the histologist a little time to analyze.

and it isn't crazy to bring a recorder. odds are you will hear a lot of information and a lot of the words will really be foreign to you unless you have a medical background or have been on this road a while. don't ever hesitate to stop the dr and ask them to repeat what they said, or to explain it to you another way. they should be willing to explain it to you until you get it!

again, good luck on friday!

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I don't know how your mom's doctor will handle it, but my husband's doctor always called me back to talk with him after he was done. He told me what he found, but biopsy results take a few days. The doctor will usually tell you what he sees. If he sees a tumor or tumors he may or may not venture a guess as to whether or not they are malignant. Most likely you will find yourself still waiting for conclusive results. As for the bronchoscopy, my husband had several and always tolerated it very well.

God Bless,


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