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Waiting for biopsy results


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I used to have the impression if someone was suspected to have cancer, things would happen very quickly...the waiting is exruciating! It has been over a month since the dr suspected my mom had lung cancer, she had a ct scan, specialist said it is 99% likely it is cancer. She had a biopsy done last Monday, expecting results in 7-10 days. By my count today is 10 days, and the waiting is making me CRAZY! I feel like my life is completely on hold until I find out her prognosis. I had plans to move back to my home province of Saskatchewan, where my mom is in the spring. Now I have plans A, B, C, and D - whether I should sell my house and move down asap or just go down for a while and move later. I feel like I am holding my breath every second of every day waiting for results & keep telling myself - I'll have answers in one more day, it just takes for ever. On the flip side, part of me just doesn't want to know. My uncle(mom's brother-in-law) passed away on Sunday from non-small cell lung cancer after a 7 month battle. Mom & Dad are driving in to attend the funeral tomorrow, so her dr will have to call her with her biopsy results. I am praying for as much time with her as possible.

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Well, this does seem like a lot of waiting. How very difficult for you and for your Mom.

I can't guess at the best thing for you to do, but personally, I would wait until that biopsy is in to make any decisions. IF it is positive for cancer, you will of course then get staging and a treatment plan nailed down, and you could determine from there what the best course of action is. Maybe your Mom doesn't have cancer. Even if she does, maybe it will be a very early stage, requiring surgery and little treatment after that.

I sure hope one of those scenarios is the case, and I'll pray for that to be so.

Don't jump ahead too far here - take it one step at a time, however excruciatingly slow those steps seem to be, and stay positive.

We're all here with you - keep us posted!

Mary Colleen

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