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Update on my mom


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*I really didn't know where to put this, so feel free to move it* :)

Ok, this has been a hard year. Last Christmas eve mom was in the ER with nausea and vomitting. They never really found out what it was. She was treated for dehydration, low bp. She's had numerous tests this year. She's found out she has a groin and a hiatal hernia. She has ulsers, in her esophagus, and her stomach. She had a precancerous polyp removed from her stomach a month or so ago. She's been given nexium and other things to 'coat' the problem areas, AND STILL the nausea continues. She's had loss of appetite and weight loss, that just continues. Her cancer marker goes up each time she has blood work. They finally did a gallbladder test and found it's functioning at 48%, but upon meeting with the surgeon yesterday, he's not so sure it is her 'cure all', and wants to wait on removing it. He recommends seeing the gastroenterologist again and having more tests.

Oh, and she also her adenoids biopsied because of enlagement, but they turned out fine.

As you can imagine, my poor mom is so sick of all this testing, doc appts, feeling sick all the time...

Today she woke up with her stomach hurting her again. She has to have her PET at 11:00.

IT's ALL SO FRUSTRATING!!! WHY haven't they found out what is causing this yet?? WHY are docs not aggresive enough, WHY don't they care enough?

I think she had a pet six months ago and it was fine, but with the marker going up, and all her symptoms, something is going on. :(

(If you pray, keep us in your prayers.)

And my dad's brother, he's not doing well either. They couldn't remove the cancerous lung, (after trying for 5 hours!) and he can't breathe good at all now. He has night fevers, they're treating him with antibiotics and inhalers.

Ok, enough for now. I'm sorry for not coming her as often as I should. I do love and pray for you all.

I'm still working hospice, and love it. So far I have had no cancer pts, most of mine are just old and nature is just taking its course.


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I am sorry it is taking so long to figure out what is going on with your mom. It is difficult to see our loved ones suffering. Surgeons do not like to deal with ifs and a good surgeon will be very thorough in determining what is occuring before operating.

Hang in there.


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It does sound like a difficult puzzle with your Mom missing the comfort piece. Enc. her to keep her nutritional levels high ( I realize thats hard w/ her nausea) as a fine tuned nutritional system teamed up w/ a decent immune system are fine tools , if the day comes she finds heself fighting cancer. Praying for an answer, to treat her symptoms. please keep us posted. Mary

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Christy - I work very closely with Dr's and I read something the other day that was just like a Ah-HA moment.

"Why do doctors call what they do practice?"

Isn't that so true. I never thought of it that way. I will definately add your mom in my prayers. What is going on with the hiatal hernia? My dad also had one that was discovered in his 40's. Keep us updated.

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I think gastrointestinal problems are very hard to figure out. I am suffering for more than 30 years now with gallbladder/liver/stomach issues that noone can figure out. I had all the tests done that exists both in Poland and in US and all we have learnt is that during an attack the gallbladder is very inflamed but why ? Who knows !! The surgeon is reluctant to remove it because the problem may persist even without it. I have learnt to cope: coffee or eggs after prolonged hunger are bad; stress is really bad, alcohol is no no etc. Still I often have mild nausea and discomfort. I am sick of it but ... it seems that modern medicine has its limits !

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