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Marine Corp Marathon


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Heading back to our ole home town, Washington DC, on Friday. Our son is running in the Marine Corp Marathon with "Team LUNGevity". Hopefully I'll get some pictures of the event to post when we get back to North Carolina!! Geeze, we've been away from DC for 6 years now. I may need a refresher course in aggressive driving and rudeness!! Ellie

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Ellie, have a wonderful time, DC is a great city. Me and the family recently spent five days there, none of us having had been there before. It was an incredible trip. Our 12 year old loved it so much that she has decided she wants to go to college there.

Go Team LUNGevity!!!


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let's hope there isn't any weather here in dc this weekend, cause you know no one here can drive if there is any weather. he he he - that's me being annoyed that with the rain we've had this week, my commute has changed from 30 mintues to 2 hrs. UGH! and sun, sun makes people drive bad here too. and don't get me started on snow!

good luck to your son on the marathon, what a great endeavor! and the weather on sunday should be perfect for it, and for viewing the marathon!

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