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I have had a horrible cough for many weeks now; it sounds like a freight train gone made, the cough is so deep and noisy; I have taken chemo and radiation, and it seems that this cough startee getting really bad around the timerrame of getting my brain radiatiated, but not sure of that; it could have been a bit later; I am on my third lung cancer; first one was stage la nonsmal cell broncoalveolar, had surgery for that and it didn't come back; however, what did come back was a different kind of cancer (small cell) in same right lung but not at the exact spot where had lung surgery; I had chemo and radiation, and then when had cat scan ad pet scan, it showed that gone, but ANOTHER CANCER IN MY LEFT LUNG. I have had one treatment so far for that new cancer (taxol and something else); and the onc and radiation doctors are not sure I cdan have any more radiation because I have had so much of that already.

Important note, is that every time I cough, it is very hard and deep, and makes my head ache for five or ten minutes.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


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My sister had this cough too. Her cancer had gone into her bronchi tubes though. It could be from the radiation. Have you spoken to your doctor about this. There are cough syrups that will help somewhat. My sister was given valium to relax her, because she would panic when she started the coughing..It really seemed to help her.

Good Luck and stay in touch,


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Have they mentioned anything about radiation pneumonitis? I developed this after radiation... made me feel like crap and had a terrible cough to go along with it.

Hope you find what's going on.... Tussionex always helped with my cough... I would ask your doc...

God Bless!!


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