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Wife of Newly Diagnosed NSCLC - Stage IV


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Hello everyone! So glad to have found this site - my husband is on it too under joerick. He was first diagnosed 10/1/07 because of pleural effusion and having 6 bottles of fluid drained from left lung. CT and PET scans showed that there was a mass plus the biopsy of the fluid and tissue showed cancer. Adenocarcinoma. He had to have his lung area drained one week later and also started chemotherapy treatment with Taxol, Carboplatin and Avastin. He has not had to have any more fluid drained off and can actually breath better but we don't know if mass has shrunk. We do know however that he is and will be healed by the Lord Jesus Christ. We have a very strong belief - it just can't be any other way. We have adopted our 4 year old grandson back when he was 1 and he needs to stay around to raise the boy! :lol: Besides, nobody has said to him that he would die - no expiration date! I will continue to post in the family forum as things progress. Feel free to contact me and we would ask for prayer. The more praying the better!

God bless you everyone!

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Thank you everyone for introducing yourselves and saying "hello". Rick is doing well through his chemo treatments, but he has started loosing his hair. I cut it really short so it wouldn't be so noticeable when it all vacated his head. :lol: I still believe he'll be very handsome. I wouldn't care if he never regrew hair or not, as long as he is healthy.

He did get a port put in so no more IV's which is a great blessing! It worked beautifully today! The onc gave him permission to get a flu shot on Thursday. Our town has free "drive-in" flu shots for the entire community. First place I've ever been where you could drive in and get a shot.

Will keep you all posted when we hear something. I keep hoping they'll give him another scan soon so they can tell us how much the tumors have shrunk!

Go God!!!!

Blessings to all,

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Hello all,

My mom just started chemo yesterday:

-carboplatin, gemcitabine,avastin

We are all positive! She is moving about, just has shortness of breath and coughs a bit. We have switched to an all organic diet (no processed foods/refined sugars). Been going great. Any advice/input would be great with her chemo treatment.

thanks Fabian

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Osiyo, Cherokeedeer! :wink: I wanted to extend my welcome and BEST wishes, as well!! I will keep you, and Joe in my prayers.

Do you live near Talequah? I have family all around your neck 'o'the woods. :wink:

I can only echo what has been said here: Your attitude is awesome, and will serve you both well in this battle. Healing hugs for you ((Celie & Joe))

Yours in HOPE!!!


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Thank you all for the welcome - and forgive me for not getting back sooner . . . still dealing with the newness of it I suppose. Rick has lost his hair but we knew he would - said his hair actually hurt so we just shaved it off and he's wearing a "do rag". Looks like the old "hippie" I fell in love with 25 years ago except he had long hair at that time instead of the rag. LOL!

His white cell count has already dipped so low he can't do chemo. Will have another scan 12/5/07 to see how things are progressing. We're claiming that the cancer is gone, or at least quite small to what it was! Spirits are up except for the fatigue, which I have too with the fibro so we sleep as much as possible. Doc finally gave us something for narcolepsy!

What do you all think about natural cures? Juicing? Dr. Budwig? (sp?) Comments would be most appreciated.

God bless all of you - hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Signing off for now . . .

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