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I have not been here in a while and have been thinking about you all. I plan on doing the wall of memory, i just think i need to figure exactly what i want to say for him. I hope everyone is doing well.

MGH had a palitive care memorial mass for my dad and others on the 28th of October which was nice. and Nov. 16th the church will say his name at a service. (not sure how they work that i though they say it after the year or so?)

just wanted to say hi and that I will be lurking more often!!!!! Miss you all.

Janine (aka Karma)

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hello all now I deceided to change the dancing banana avatar to an old picture of me, my sisters and my dad. I am the dark haired green monster on the big wheels. my dad is actually on my purple people eater tricycle there. My sister sandy is on his lap and Kim is on the back of the big wheels with me. picture circa June 1981. haha I know that cause the Kodak picture on the back tells me. It was not the postcard version of the old Kodak pictures but i have tons of those too.

This picture will be given in for the wall of memory so i wanted to give you guys a sneak peak.

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Janine, I am so glad to see you posting again-and that picture of you and your sisters with your dad is GREAT! I have to post a picture, too. I guess it would be a good idea to figure out how to use the scanner first, though. Any info. on how to post a picture or two (I'd like to include myself, my dad and mom and my children and husband.-I have two photos in mind that would accomplish this).

Keep in touch, Karma, we've missed you....and I have missed your sense of humor and your excellent advice. Take care, Deb

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