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7 year survivor of stage IIIb lung cancer!


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That's right, Suki the One-Lung Wonder is still cancer-free, working full-time, going strong as ever and loving being a grandma! This week marks 7 years since her diagnosis. Her last scan was 100% NED and other than getting a bit winded at times, you'd never know what she's been through. I just want to offer this little bit of hope to everyone here. I know I am not around anymore, baby+work+whatever sleep I can get is about what I am managing these days. I *wish* I knew how to post pictures of Suki and her handsome grandbaby Levi - he's healthy and huge and 5 months old tomorrow.

I say it every time - don't ever confuse my absence with a lack of love. This place changed my life and is at least in part responsible for Suki's success, so thank you!



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Good to hear from you Bunny. Your life has changed so much since you first came on.

I think if you send some pics to Katie she can upload the for you.

Great news anout Suki...7 years WOW...

take care my friend, be well and enjoy that beautiful family of yours.

Maryanne :wink:

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Bunny....You have no idea how very good it is to hear from you and to find that all is going well in your life!!! I'm so happy that Suki is doing well! Seven years is a wonderful testimonial for everyone that is battling this terrible disease! WOw...five months old!!! How can that little one already be five months old. Please...we want pictures!!! Email some to Rick and Katie and I'm sure they'll be as wonderful as ever and post them for you...and us!!!

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