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I had chemo on Thursday and today about lunch time I started with pain in my left lung,in the back,I don't know if the way I have slept and not getting up much the last few days has caused this,the cancer or what,anyone have a clue of what might be going on?

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Robin, Are you on the same chemo you have posted on your PROFILE? As for your lung pain, it could be caused from just about anything. I never had lung pain from chemo, but I did have it from my radiation.

May I ask you to please update your PROFILE and if you would be so kind as to maybe put in the year you were diagnosed. It really helps us to help you if your profile is spelt out and easy for us to understand. Thank you.

If your chest pain continues, I really think you should call your doctor. This is nothing to try and second guess. Chemo is a POWERFUL drug and you need to keep your doctor informed of any changes you are having.

Good luck and I hope your feeling better soon.

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