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Gratitude - October 28th 2007


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Winter started here, all

the windows frozen on the

cars this morning.

Mine is smug in its shelter.

The trees still have their leaves

all colors...but all that can

change fast with the wind.

Grateful, yesterday is over,

friends and strangers came

over and put my new place in

order...that will put a stop

to all the buying for articles

I could not find.

Gave all the double articles away

and got rid of some furniture that I

did not want anymore and people were

happy to get.

Technician was over to fix the

Intercom for the door, I can now

wait for the ambulance in my home

instead of having to run after

it because my door bell don't work and

with the place so new the address and

the street are not on the map of the city


Today will rest and take care of myself

so I can heal my back.

Thank you GANG for all the help and

laughter you gave me yesterday.

Thank you Lynn for the puppy, even if

it is just a toy, I'll cherish it.


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