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Gratitude - October 29th 2007


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Monday start of another week.

Hope the working week will be

fine for those employed.

Hope the week will also be fine for

those in treatments and all of us

on the forum.

Grateful to be able to come here

and without shame, tell, ask, ramble

about what is happening with my life.

Taking the bull by the horns this

morning and getting all the copies

of the tests, x-rays and scans I had

during October and will try to find

out what is wrong with my back.

Doctors don't have the courage to face

me to give me the answers, they only

give a scrip for more medication for


Grateful that I'm mentally strong

enough to demand what is wrong and

ready to face the diagnostic.

Grateful Lynn will be with me to

face those MUTE doctors and make

them speak.

Have a good day/week.


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Like Randy, I'm also grateful for Jackie and all she contributes to this board.

I'm so grateful that I spent yesterday with all three of my sons and my grandaughter. Family gatherings still aren't the same without Dennis. We all seem to know he's with us during these times.

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