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Please Help...pet suv 18.3

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:cry: After my husband was admitted to the hospital with acute kidney failure due to septic Pnemonia we found out he has a large mass in his right mid lung found by xray then CT when he got out of the hospital we went to the oncologist he thought it was possable the mass was an infection or so he told us that in hopes of keeping us calm he ran a pet saying pet would pick it up if it was malignant but it wouldnt pick up an infection. WEll the Pet Results Came in

There is Moderatley Intense Uptake of radiotracer in a Large Mass in the mid right lung with a SUV of 18.3.There is also right nodes in the medistinum with a max uptake of 3.0 there is also activity noted in the Hilum.These finding are very suspicious.Recomend Biopsy

The dr told us there is a 50% chance its cancer & 50%chance its an infection.

He wants to lean towards & infection but I could tell he was just trying to keep us calm until the biopsy he had worry on his face the minute he intered the room

kept asking John about his breathing coughing blood fatigue ect..He left the biopsy up to my hubby John doesnt like biopsies hes had one to many for his cirrhosis so he decided to wait 3 weeks he want the dr to do another CT first to double check we asked the dr if it would hurt to wait he said if its infection it would hurt because hes had 3 weeks of mixed antibiotics IV & pills & they need to no what it is he said if its Cancer at this point 3 weeks wait wont make a differance.. I thought it would so he could start treatment.

I came home & looked up cancer in those areas & it made him a 3b my sister works for hospice & also said its 3b if its malignant due to where its involved at.

Do Drs always try & downplay it until Biopsy Even if Pet shows such a HIGH uptake?Im confused Scared & worried What are the highest an SUV can be? Please anyone no anything or been through something similiar?

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I'm sorry you and your husband are going through such a scary time.

Doctors, like everyone else, all have their own personalities and ways of doing things. Some prefer to err on the side of caution, as your husband's doctor seems to be doing. He is correct that you really need a biopsy to confirm diagnosis. That would also determine the type of lung cancer so that an appropriate treatment plan can be developed.

I will be hoping for both of you that the next scan indicates infection. If that unfortunately is not the case, please come back to this site. There is a lot of experience and caring here. We're always glad to help.

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T He Doctors do not like to misdiagnose things There fore.. They are playing it safe until they know more details. PRay for the positive. Maybe it is just an infection. It happens.Think Positive and get the biopsy done to rule out Cancer!! IF they are wrong and it is cancer, we are here to help you folks any way possible. don't jump the gun, you could get worked up for Nothing maybe.... Saying Prayers and thinkin positive for Ya. Randyw

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Welcome to lchelp. I have never seen a suv that high for lc. It makes me wonder if it is just a very intense infection. The only way to find out for sure is to have a biopsy. I don't think I would want to wait to see if the infection clears up and then rescan. It could also be a combination of infection and lc. I would do a biopsy.

Also, you may find out from a biopsy that the mediastinum is not involved and the hilum is not involved in spite of the uptake. If it is cancer, it is possible that it would be an earlier stage. I had a PET scan for my second cancer that showed uptake in my mediastinum and hilum and a 1 cm nodule. A biopsy proved that the only malignancy was at the nodule and I was able to have surgery to get rid of the cancer. You should not lock yourself into accepting that it is 3b cancer until after a biopsy.

Don m

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I agree with Don - you might be getting ahead of yourself here. It's very tough not to do that when fear is involved, I know.

My husband's first PET did indicate and SUV of 19 (yep, I know, quite high) for his primary tumor. I don't know much, but I have seen literature mention SUV ranges up to 22 in lung masses. However, it COULD also be some type of non-malignant inflammation. You just don't know, and you really don't know if it is 3B - sometimes those "additional findings" (areas of lesser uptake, etc.) are not malignancies at all all.

Wishing you the very best of luck.

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