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The Randy Cappiello Foundation, Inc. - It's official

Nick C

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We received our letter from the IRS, that we are an official non-profit.

We'll be sending out later in the month our "annual drive" letter to raise $ for the "prevention, detection and cure of Lung Cancer".

We will also hold a golf tourney in the spring. We will go from there in terms of next steps of fund raising...I'm just so happy we get to proceed.

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Maybe I missed something along the way........could you fill me in on just what it is? I'd love to hear about it and I bet others would too. What all did you do to get this non-profit and etc., etc., etc. It sounds like yu've done a fantastic thing here so let us spread the word.


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As far as I've seen, there is no foundation out there raising $$$ geared only toward Lung Cancer research in the areas of prevention detection and cure.

Once the $$$ is raised, I've already taken meetings with I-ELCAP (detection) and ACGT (which funds investigatiors working on the genetic side of curing and treating cancer) and or course I'd love to one day speak with the folks at Lungevity to help sponsor one of their grants.

Basically, we have all been alerted to the huge gap of funding that Lung Cancer doesn't get. SO the foundation will hopefully close the gap a bit. I don't know that we do anything "extraordinarily" different, but Mom knew a lot of people and here is there opportunity to do something.

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Oh...mission statement...from Article III of our articles of incorporation:

This corporation is established to fund initiatives which will lead to better detection, prevention and treatment of Lung Cancer. Funding will be provided in the areas of screening studies, blood marker research, gene therapy and other lung cancer research as well as advocacy and awareness for those who are or may one day be affected by Lung Cancer.

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So the first fiscal year end is over, and I wanted to share a great experence.

I started working in my current position a little over 2 years ago. My boss and I have become friends in that time.

Anywho, he knew I was forming this foundation. I would tell him letters were going out etc. He asked where his letter was. So I told him I would bring him one. I just didn't want to solicit my co-workers. People feel obliged and that isn't how I roll.

Anywho about 3 weeks after I gave him the letter he strolls in my office with a card. He said, "a little something from your co-workers" and walked out. He scanned the letter and sent it to all the folks in our dept and told them I would never ask, but he would.

The card was full of about 20 checks from my co-workers.

The foundation got off to a good but late start in 07, but this year will tell if we can really get this thing off the ground.

It's validating that I received this support. And the end result was more $$$ being disbursed by year end for research.

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Hi Nick,

Your post really touched my heart and made me smile!! You obviously have inspired many of your coworkers. 20 checks from coworks unsolicited is just an amazing feat.

God bless you and your work with your foundation. I only wish there were thousands of more people just like you.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing.


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