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cisplatin + navelbine? mom has been restaged


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After seeing a new oncologist, mom was restaged from IIB to IIIA (T2N2M0) after he read her pathology report post surgery (upper left lobectomy). Apparently whoever wrote the report neglected to notice that the one node that was positive for cancer was in the AP window #5, putting her at stage IIIA. For some reason the surgeon only removed 1 node from the AP window when the PET scan prior to surgery showed an uptake of 2.7 in the AP window. I tend to think the surgeon should have sampled a few more nodes, perhaps some on the right side as well.

Anyhow, the oncologist is now recommending a weekly navelbine cisplatin regimen for the next 16 weeks.

Has anyone gone through this regimen? If so, what side effects did you have? Mom is pretty depressed about this whole ordeal and today's upstaging scenario certainly didn't help. Any ideas are welcomed and will help me prepare to help her.

Thanks so much everyone!

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Thats the same chemo I had.The side effects were not all that bad. Make sure they get her anti-nausea meds for home.I had emend for the day of chemo ...and next 2 days,also phenergan the rest of the time. Felt some nausea,but never vomited. My worst was the fatigue,got pretty bad sometimes at the very end had trouble with RBC but a few shots took care of that. Good luck,hopefully will go as easy on her as it did me. Its a very effective combination. Mke sure she gets plenty of rest...one more thing...hair loss also a common side effect of chemo.Did not loose mine..just stopped growing..hopefully that luck will come your way as well.

take care..keep us posted!

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