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Hey Folks,

Overdue for an update. Last time I wrote I had just got back from my honeymoon only to hear news of more mets in my liver and new brain mets. So we switched to single agent Taxol - which has been, at least, tolerable - though I am now noticing dry skin and neuruopathy.

I have ongoing pain in my neck and intermittent pain in my back and hip. For this I take Fentora primarily which I recommend wholeheartedly. It attacks the pain, doesn't make you feel that druggy, works quickly - and you can poop on it!

In other news I have developed a frequent/uncontrollable urination problem. While they make drugs to stop up the other end (loratadine), there is NOTHING that will help you stop or slow your pee. Doctor's were a little stumped. Blood levels were ok. Sent off to Renal doctor who said could have Diabetes Insipidis which has nothing to do with regular diabetes but that my brain probably from the active mets keeps sending a hormone to my kidneys and my kidneys can't recognize that I have enough fluid. Something like that. So I end up with excessive thirst and urgent urination every 30 minutes. So I always have to be near a bathroom and, once again, I've turned into an insomniac.

My Mom, who's a nurse, brought home condom catheter bags from her work - which are GREAT. You attach a tube and bag to your goods at night and whenever you get the urge to pee-pee, you lay right back down and just let it go into the bag. I have my sleep back! And so does Julia!

My eyes seem to be a tiny bit better. I'm losing balance. I am looking forward to starting WBR with a focus on the eyes starting Monday, And a chemo break to boot!

Ordered the max on movie channels (totally indulgent!) and thinking about what I want for my birthday in 2 weeks.

How's that for an update?


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Hi Aaron. I'm glad your pain meds are doing the trick. From your posts I can tell what an intelligent and insightful person you are. I'm also inspired by your positive spirit! I wish all the best for you and hope you have a peaceful and fulfilling birthday. Many good thoughts. Michele

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Aaron good to hear from you, same problem here only depends have been added to my pharmacy cost, I think I have coughed so hard and deep after radiation and the pneumonia it caused that my bladder to fall. Oh well it could be worse. I'm a depends lady and well you are a baggy man...HA HA Hope your honeymoon was good despite all you have been through. Keep us posted.

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