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mom has stage lV NSCLC


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Hello all,

My mom just recieved her 1st chemo treatment yesterday, and as I am writing this now, she is cooking up a storm:) LOL

Her treatment is as follows:

- carboplatin, gemcitabine, avastin

We were at the hospital from 10am till 7:30pm. We passed the time w/scrabble, story telling and small talk. Reading about your lives, I have found a sense of comfort and inspiration.

thanks Fabian

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Welcome Fabian--Sounds like your mom is doing very well. It's easy to be overwhelmed at first, but after you read the stories here, you realize that there is hope.

Stay in touch and let us know how your mom is doing. And don't be afraid to ask question. Folks here are happy to share any information they have.


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everybody, thanks for the support:

it has been overwhelming but life has found a way to balance out. so much info out there about diets and supplements (can drive you crazy). her diet was horrible before and now we are much more health conscious. we have switched to an all organic diet with most foods coming from leafy greens and veggies/we cut out all processed foods and refined sugars. she feels much better from the change. her doctor said she shouldn't take any extra antioxidants aside from multi vit/mineral during chemo. anybody have any experience with this?

thanks Fabian

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