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Blurred vision/glaucome side effect of taxotere/steroids?

Shelley (MLC)

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Hi, has anyone ever experienced blurred vision while on Taxotere and or steroids? My mom has been having this and her eye Dr. started her on drops for glaucoma after seeing the pressure was up. The drops do seems to be helping as the pressure has come down in the past couple weeks. The eye Dr. says the glaucoma maybe a side effect of the steroids, but the oncologist wasn't sure this was the case. In any event, CT and MRI of head negative, so this is NOT due to cancer mets (thank God)! Any thoughts??? Thanks! Shelley

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I didn't experience any blurred vision when I was getting taxotere or steroids. It wouldn't surprise me though if your moms problems were connected with the drugs. Chemo/steroids are so wonderful at killing cancer, but dreadful on the rest of the human body.

I hope they find some answers for your mom soon.


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Hi Shel,

Blurred vision is rather common with a lot of the chemo drugs. We were told not to get new glasses to compensate for it because it would go away after chemo.

Tony had a pre-glaucoma condition and that issue fell by the wayside in light of the bigger issues. Could have been a combo of both for him. Also chemo causes tears, runny noses, etc., so that could be adding the the blurring.

Have no clue about the steroids.

Best of luck,


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I have read that one of the possible side effects of long term use of prednisone is cataracts.

A day or so ago, after taking a nap, I woke up and had double vision for a short while. I think that may be prednisone related. It is the only med I am on at the moment.

Don M

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