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Not what we wanted to hear


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Well, my mom's scan results are in... more and larger nodules in the lung, fluid increasing, adrenal gland enlarged (what does this mean?) I understand what the adrenal gland is, but does englarged mean "suspected mets???" I understand it is a common place for the cancer to spread to? Anyone have any experience with that?

Onc suggested either Tarceva or gemzar plus carboplatin... any thoughts out there????


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Sorry to hear about mom. My Adrenal Glands where (does not necessarily mean mets) enlarged for a while at the beginning, we just keep an eye (Ct Scans) on them and so far no problems to speak of with them. I had Tarceva and Gemzar/Carbo. My preferences would be Tarceva-- comes in pill form, take it once a day, no trips to the doctors for treatments etc, blood counts less likely to be affected. Side effects (Tarceva) vary but are manageable for the most part. Mine where rash (2 or 3 months) but it went away by itself and the runs, lowered the dosage from 150 to 100 and that cleared it up. Also no problems with Gemzar/Carbo. But in the long run I would ask the doctor which treatment they thought would be the best for mom. Hope this helps, prayers for the best.

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I cannot be of any help on the Gemzar combo, but I have been on Tarceva for the last 20 months and have good results.

I think that the Gemzar/carbo approach is a little more agressive than the Tarceva route. While everyones disease and diagnosis is different, I personally would try the gemzar/carbo route first if your mom can handle it. If the gemzar/carbo doesn't work, you can also try Tarceva next.

Good luck with whatever treatment plan your mom chooses. Keep in touch and let us know how things are going.


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I have had 2 prior chemos, which did not work, so my next choice would be tarceva. My oncologist thinks it is a good choice. Fortunately for me, I don't have progression at the moment due to my recent cyberknife treatment, but if it starts growing again, I will go on tarceva.

Don M

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Oh Carrie,

I am so sorry to read your post. I know this has been a battle for you and your family. I hope you know I continue to keep you in my prayers, though I haven't called in ages.

I know nothing about these chemos, but it appears there has been some good advice given here.

Let me know how things are going. Of course, feel free to call anytime.



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