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last year healty and happy


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I am still so shocked that my mom is no longer here. Last year on Halloween she came over with her kitty cat costume on and celebrated it with my two little ones. She was so fun and such a permanent (so I thought)personality in our family that the void is so huge. Only 2 1/2 months later she was gone. I used to think that life was predictable and now more than ever I will not take it for granted. I miss her smile, laugh, and endless energy so much. It is amazing how fast life can change. I guess what I am trying to say is we all have to really treasure the loved ones in our lives today because we never know what can happen. I hope she can see everything from above and isn't missing a thing.

Thanks for listening,


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yes, i know the feeling. six months ago, we were all at a cool restaurant for my mom's 64th birthday, and without a care in the world dad quietly sang to mom his own version of "when im 64." I sat there in awe of what a sweet and special thing to witness. One month later, out of the blue he's diagnosed stage IV. today he is in the hospital, treatments to be halted, hospice to begin.

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