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Dean Update...


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Well, after having had who knows how much antibiotics, steroids, dilauid, oxygen, two units of blood...he is feeling much better. I went to see him at lunch today. He looked pretty good. He had some swelling around his neck,....under his arm..etc. but it was not that bad. I left him at 2...I came back at 5:30. He was swollen like a toad. His cheeks were 'red' and FAT...his collar bone has a soft huge knot on it...running up into his neck. His entire right side of his face is swollen...Under his right arm, it is so swollen that it 'bounces' like a water bed.

He was "SHAKING" very bad!.... Our son had got there about 5 minutes before I had. He had already called the nurses who were just going in the room when I walked in. They called the onocologist...who said it was probably increaded lymph node involvement....that the CT that he has tomorrow will show us exactly what we are dealing with. I had asked him about the knot/lump on Deans back...he said..."well, it is not soft like a fatty tumor..."..."It could be a tumor'....but the only way we will know is to do a biopsy...and I do not think that he needs that right now. It will not change the treatment..."..."let's worry about what we already know we need to worry about and nothing more"....I almost got the feeling that he really thinks it is a tumor...but ...nothing more we can do about it...

that if the chemo is going to work, it will take care of it. He is suppose to have radiation after the chemo.

So...now I am sitting here letting my wifely imagination run wild...

I am so afraid that it is in the spine.....and affecting the nervous system....

I am trying hard to remain positive...and not let this get me down...

Praying for that miracle...

THanks again for all your support...


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Before you go completely amok, let me tell you that the facial swelling and redness are completely consistent with steroids, as is the tremor. If he has an occlusion in a region of lymph nodes the edema on the one side is also to be expected.

Don't let your imagination run completely wild, wait ( I know, waiting stinks) and see what they actually find. Your imagination will dream up the worst, but -- don't borrow trouble. Wait until you have concrete results and you have real options to think about.

Granted the facial swelling, redness, and excess water are enough to make one get freaky fast, but that's appearance, and largely steroids, I think. Just my humble opinion.

The answers will come soon enough. Try to remember to breathe... and let your love for your husband keep you strong.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


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Hi Lynne;

Hang in there, you, Dean and the family are in my prayers!!

Have to agree with MaryAnn, she gives good advice, also, don't be afraid to ask for second opinions and specialists.

Again my very best to you and Dean

God bless, be wwell and hang in there!

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Lynne and Dean,

Please listen to MaryAnn...and remember that the BEST possible explanation is as likely as the worst. I certainly don't think doctors have all the answers, but I also trust them (within reason) to provide good counsel based on information *they* understand and we don't.

I always question *why* a doctor is advising one thing or the other, and expect an answer that is both logical and geared to my level of understanding. (*G-D HELP THE DR. WHO CONDESCENDS TO ME*)

Be prepared, make a list, talk to doctors, don't let them leave when you have unanswered questions, and BE STRONG.

Our thoughts and prayers are going your way,


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Lynne and Dean,

Prayers for you and Dean for a speedy recovery. Hang in there and be strong. All will be okay. I agree with Mary Anne about the side effects, get the test results and go from there. Keep the faith and put it in the hands of our Lord. He is bigger than us, so put the burden on Him. Try and be a little easier on yourself, take a deep breath and regroup.

Warm Regards and (((((Hugs)))))


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