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Halloween Checkup - 2007


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I sent the following email to many of my close friends and relatives and decided to share it with my friends here also. Marilyn,(Mabel), is my wifemate, lifemate of 44 years and caregiver and Lori is my daughter.


The day started with the now usual 6:00 AM alarm but we were both awake well before then. Weather was foggy and 28 degrees with icy lawns and prairies but good roads.

We managed to clear the house by about 6:50 but realized we were low on gas so stopped and filled up at the local pumps, $2.899 for 87 octane regular. The ride in was uneventful and we chit chatted about the upcoming deer season which opens tomorrow. Decided we’d likely skip it due to the impending schedule for the day. I should have a blood draw, CAT scan, Doctor’s visit, up-to three pints of blood and then Chemo. It could be up to a thirteen hours day just for medical stuff and won’t feel much like trudging the hills tomorrow.

The CAT scan and blood draw went like clockwork. Lab Tech, Tia, hit the vein first stab and I didn’t feel a thing. Lab gal got the draw for my blood panels and they got a good CAT shot on the first pass.

I was on my feet and out of the room before 8:00. We went straight to the Oncology Clinic where my appointment to see the doc was scheduled for 9:30. Sometimes they take me right in and other times they don’t, so today we decided to just hang around hoping I could get in early. Turned out not to be the best decision we ever made as the doc didn’t get there until late, (Jeez, we coulda’ gone to Wal-Mart). To top that off, the labs had problems delivering my test results. When the blood report did get there they weren’t too bad so the doc decided to give me two pints of blood again today instead of three. But, he/we had to wait to get the CAT results to make the Chemo call.

Those results were “not so good”. It appears this crap is progressing, albeit gradually.

I have been feeling good recently and this was a shocker, especially for Mabel. She’s been telling me I was kind of puny but I just didn’t feel it. I was figuring on being stable to slightly improved. I’ve had more energy and ambition than in a long time but I guess that’s a false sign, more a reaction to my blood levels than the disease itself.

As in the past, this latest progression required another change in recipe for my chemo treatment. I have now gone from Taxol to Abraxane which is the same stuff wrapped in a different carrier. I’m off the Benadryl for now so all the leg kicking and dozing off during treatment are at least temporarily off. Marilyn and the oncology staff will have to find some new entertainment to fill that time slot.

As it turned out the new drugs are packaged so I get the same effective dosage in half the volume so, with just two pints of blood and my new whammy we were finished at 3:00. Only seven hours and we didn’t generate any OT charges against my account. We even skipped Wally World and just shot on home.

This is now the fourth recipe we’ve tried since June and with the tumor changes, both smaller and larger; we are back at about ground zero for the tumor, (mass) size. We’ll stay on this for three weeks, unless we need a change and then do the blood and scans again and see what happens.

I’m still doing Decadron so the chances of me still being awake through Friday morning are worthy of a bet. As Lori has reminded me, it’s not wise for me to post emails during some of these periods. Personally I think it is some of my most creative and expressive time. Sort of reminds me of the past when some folks have asked me how I “really felt”.

Thank You All for Your Prayers and Support,


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Sorry the news was what it was, John. It does sound, however, that the doc is on top of things, so hopefully that 'nasty' can be sent back to where it should be!!!! I'm glad to hear that you've been feeling well. That is a big part of the whole deal too. Thanks for the update, and I'm sending plenty of cyber support for this tx plan to do the trick once again!


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Thanks again to all for your prayers and support.

I went in today for my normal chemo routine with the Abraxane and we actually got out about 11:00AM. The only hiccup was that my blood pressure is elevated again. I'd gone off those pills when my BP dropped earlier in this treatment but the Oncologist and Cardiologist, (don't know if I'd mentioned that little problem), are putting me back on them.

Still feeling good and my counts today were improved over all although some are still higher or lower than they should be.

Since we did have a little extra time we hit Albertson's and loaded up on cream filled Bismarks, avocados and other essential health foods.

By then I was so whipped we barely made it in and out of Rocky Mountain Sports before the big crowd could beat us to Las Margarita's. I had such a tough time with the #1 lunch special that it took two Margarita Grande's to get it all down. And Mabel was a real trooper, hanging in there bite for bite and swallow for swallow while battling her Celiac and Giardia. At least we didn't pig out. We left about a fourth of the bowl of complimentary tortilla chips unmolested, (the crunched ones).

Lunch in town is a treat we rarely get so dinner was kind of creative. We had some avacados and chips and I've followed up with a couple chocolate and strawberry freezer sundaes and too many Halloween and gourmet candy treats.

Some day I'll have to ask why I have such stomach distress the night of my treatments. It started again about an hour ago.

Next Cat Scan is the 28th.

Take care of yourselves and have as much fun as you can stand.

Thanks again.


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