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Dearest Rochelle,

I am in a state of complete shock. John was a "constant" here since I joined way back when... he was a source of great hope and strength to the many who came after him.

I am praying for you and your children as the reality sets in.

May God gently put his arms around John and keep him safe for eternity.

Much Love, Sharon

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Oh Ry... :cry::cry::cry:

I am absolutely shocked and devastated to read this. And my words seem lame. So, I'll send the biggest HUGS I can muster - and prayers for peace for you & the kids. I am SO sorry. To me, John was like a pillar of this community. He will be SO missed.

With great sadness,


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Ry, so sorry for you and the kids, John is no longer suffering, and believe me, you and he have made a mark on my life in so many ways. When you get your two thoughts together we will still be here and I hope you will continue with the work you and John started, welcoming and providing encourgagment to all newcomers and people like me. Prayers for you and your family.


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I was completely shocked by your post. I am so sorry I am late in getting this horrible news. I really prayed he was feeling better.

I also have no words or your right now and as my heart is breaking as he has been such an inspiration here and its not fair at all.

My deepest of condolences goes out to you and your beautiful family.


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