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Update on Mom


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My mother went in for re-scans to determine the progress of the treatments. She had all the same test done as when she was first diagnosed in March. The oncologist was pretty vague, but at least he doesn't give you dreedful statistics. He has been very please with my mom's response to the treatments. He told us that the chest looks clear and is not the problem anymore. The bone scan was unclear and that he would not rule it as cancer. The original tumors on the liver have shrunking 50%, however there are new tumors present. There is also something going on in her hip, so she is going to start radiation in the next few days. After the radiation treatment, mom is going to start a second round on chemo, I think he said it was Captizar (sp).

I am feeling pretty okay with the news, the fact that there are more tumors on her liver, do scare me a bit. But hopefully more treatments will help with that.

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