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All Saints Day


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As I understand it, All Saints Day is a day to honor those who have died.

I thought maybe we could have our own All Saints Day here. Nothing big. I thought maybe just post the names (or screennames) of those we've lost. There's something powerful, to me at least, in knowing that those names are still spoken, still written, and still known.

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I agree, Val. The names must be spoken and never forgotten. There are so many. I will start off.....leaving many, many remaining for others to come forward and mention.

Addie, Joanie55, FayA, Betty, Leslie, Frank Lamb, and of course, your own dear mother, Carol, justakid (Beth), Cathyr, and jimben.

I remember them all so dearly!


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To the saints of my life time:

My Mom Randy Cappiello(who taught me everything)

Grammy Gallagher (mom's gardening partner in heaven no doubt who taught me to enjoy a simple life)

Kissy Gallagher (who helped teach me how to celebrate the holidays)

My Grandpa Bob Ash (who taught me humor as part of being successful)

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My Johnny John Fields, My parents and brothers and my ex husband Denis. So many dear personal friends.

Here there was David G. M.O. Sugar,Tbone, Shirley's Randy and Ann's Dennis. Then there was Paddy's husband David and long ago there was Annie Mac's husband Barisa's dad. Let's not forget our dear Katie's dad because he was the beginning of this wonderful place. I have run out of names in my head but I know there are many more

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Thinking of Jackie's { Mike } and { Cheryl }.

My parents John & Mildred

My brother Art

My sister Margie

My grand parents John & Rose Ray & Grace

My uncles Art& Bob& Orville & Estil & Leo & Jack

My aunts Betty & Mary & Marilyn & Jenny& Bonnie

My friends Baylee & Scott & Wanda & Mr. Maschino

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I'm remembering my Uncle Reese and Aunt Louise who both left us this past year.

My sister-in-law's father who passed away from LC in February.

My cousins Ann Marie and Amy who also passed away in the apring.

And everyone we've lost to this horrid disease. Especially our newest Saint--John.


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Val, what a great idea. Four years ago on All Saint's Day (and my birthday), my only daughter was christened Rebecca Dianne (Dianne was my mom's name) in a beautiful old church. My most treasured pictures are of my mom holding Rebecca in her arms in front of the altar, with a big banner in the background showing a sparkling angel, a cross, the date (11/2/03) and "Rebecca Dianne" in huge letters. We went home that day and had a triple celebration...Rebecca's Christening, my birthday and my mom's birthday (11/5). It was a wonderful day with my mother and my daughter. I remember thinking that I must file this cherished memory away for that long, long time in the future when my mom is no longer on this earth...I never dreamed it would happen so soon...

So yes, on Sunday I will say a special prayer for my beautiful mom Dianne...

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