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All Saints Day


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My Wonderful Father: Winnie (Winford)

My Wonderful Mother: Lorraine

My Loving & Fun Sister: Bonnie

My Precious Son: Kyle

My Many Lost Friends from LCSC.

My Many Lost Friends from my Lung Cancer In Person Support Group @ Region's Hospital.

And Many Many Many Wonderful friends and family members that all touched my life.

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My Mom, Dad, Brother Richard, Tony's two Brothers - Mickey & Mel, nephew Joshua, great-niece Madeline, another little Madeline, friend Karen (SCLC), Chanwit's Lisa, Wayne, Grace's Carlton, Jack's Cheryl, sadly Ry's John, my dear Kodi-dawg, and especially my beloved husband Tony.

Among the missing on the board and whereabouts unknown is Icbn (Bill).

Too many...

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Thank you Val,

My wonderful Mom, Lucille

My loving Father-in-Law, Frank

My Sister's husband, George

My Sister-in-law's brother and father, both name Frank

And all those from here that have touched our hearts enough to break.

May God wrap his loving arms around them all, and all of us in our losses.


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After posting above a feeling came to me. As I read all of the names listed here I can see their names and posts march through my head. I realize how many we have lost on this board and how many each of us have lost in our lives besides. It makes me very sad to know there is so much pain and loss.

On the other hand I look back at all of these people who were just ordinary people but I realize how much they have influenced my life. How much richer we all are for having known them.

So as the tears of remembrance fall I will raise my coffee cup (It is too early for anything else)in a toast to all of these wonderful people we have known. May God hold them in the palm of His hand and have them waiting to greet us when it is our turn.

Maybe we should all meet in the pub later and raise a glass to them.

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I am trying not to repeat. Please forgive if I left someone off...






Dr. Sam

Ada W

David W
















Dean Carl

Uncle Doug

Frank Lamb

Fay A.




lucie wood

Mr. Ry

And for all the loves lost by the caregivers who are members here..

We remember you.

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Although I feel so sad reading so many names of friends, it's like watching a beautiful parade in my mind. All these people who helped me early in my journey...people with Addie-tude, Justakid making wise cracks about life on steroids, so, so many others. Now Mom stands with them.

I hate the loss, but I would have hated even more never knowing them.

To paraphrase Jimmy Buffett, in his song about the loss of his grandfather, "And though I cried I was so proud / To have loved someone so rare"

God speed...eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord...


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