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Hello....Glad to be here


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Hi all.....looking forward to getting to know you and discussing whats happening in our lives....

I’m 42, I was just diagnosed 2 months ago with Non small cell cancer…Adenocarcinoma. I had a Pneumonectomy 3 weeks ago. Next week I am getting stereotactic radio surgery on a small spot on my brain and then Im starting chemo……6 treatments carboplatin/taxotere. I am also a Father..

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Welcome Rocky glad you found us, sorry you have to be here. Since you are, you'll find lots of helpful people and information.

Be sure to update your profile as it helps us track your progress. We are happy you have chosen to let us join you on your journey.

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Thank you Connie and JB. Im here to walk the walk with all of you too. Although I have a tight network of family and friends I really feel as though I need to be talking to you folks. I also hope to be an inspiration to others. My spirits are high and I dont intend to let this disease beat me in any way, shape or form.....Im doing my profile now :lol:

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SRS is easy and effective. It should do the trick on the brain lesion.

Though the chempo regimen is totally acceptable, I'm sort of interested to know why doctor is choosing carboplatin/taxotere doublet. Most frequently taxol not taxotere is the standard first line chemo. taxotere is more commonly used in the second line. I'm wondering if your onc thinks carbo/taxotere is more aggressive than carbo/taxol. And if he's trying to be more aggressive, why not cisplatin instead of carboplatin?

Also, you might ask him about adding Avastin which is a third medicine added in to your chemo regimen designed to choke off blood vessels that feed tumors. Typically assuming no progression, after the six rounds of chemo and avastin, avastin is continued alone until there is tumor progression. One of our members, Ned, after chemo+avastin was using Avastin only for many months (I think 11 months of avastin only) before swtiching meds. Avastin only, is cancer medicine's "easy street" in terms of side effects as well.

Some doctors are reluctant to prescribe avastin when there have been brain mets because of an increased risk of bleeding, but because of your solitary small nodule in the brain, many doctors would feel comfortable adding avastin in. The recent surgery might also be another reason that the doctor wouldnt prescribe avastin, but I would still ask.

Also, because you only have one nodule, you should be aware of the concept and overall positive implications of a precocious brain met.




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Hi, Rocky, welcome to the group! As someone else implied, it's wonderful to have supportive family and friends, but nothing can compare with talking to people who have BEEN THERE and can tell you what the various treatments and conditions feel like from the INSIDE. That's what we do, and more, and so can you when you're an old-timer (which you'll become very quickly indeed)!

I read Adrian's comments on Avastin -- I'm the guy he was talking about, the one that everybody thought was on Genenetech's payroll since I was such an advocate for the drug. Still am, but it was starting to lose its steam after a year (4 months in combination with Taxol and Carboplatin, 8 months Avastin alone), and I've now switched to Tarceva. Won't know how that's doing for about a month, when I'll get another scan (CT/PET).

Any questions you have, ask away. Also, you should check out Dr. West's website at onctalk.com -- questions of a technical nature or requiring the knowledge and perspective of a lung cancer expert are best posted there. I'm continually amazed that we have such a valuable resource at hand.



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