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Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Connie B

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Great News! I was coming home from having lunch with my two dear (lung cancer survivor) friends today when on the radio I hear:

And Today Marks the Month of November Lung Cancer Awearness Month!

I WAS THRILLED to hear that! Just had to share that with all of you. :D:D:D:D

I wish I had the money to make up BIG BANNERS like they do for breast cancer and hang Lung Cancer Awareness banners and signs all over town. Or even flyers or table tents to set around.

Everywhere you go you see the pink ribbon or breast cancer awareness signs and flyers. I just HOPE the day will come when we see Lung Cancer stuff hanging all over the world! :wink:

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That's great Connie. Col's attending a lunch seminar today given by her oncologist to kick off the month. She's become the queen of the free lunch. But really it's good to hear all the things they have to say. I wish I could attend more of them with her. Today her mom ws the lucky reciepient of the free lunch "guest".

Anyway, Col and I have been saying we were waiting for Lung Cancer Awareness month. They announced it on the news here as well. I wish there was more that we could do to bring this to the forefront. Following the huge puch in October for BC awareness month makes it just a little tougher.

If we keep pushing and pushing we can it more and more recognized. Everyday in October there was something about BC on the news and a fundraiser or something. Got to try to keep LC in the news this whole month now as well.

Sorry I ranbled there. Nice to know the word is getting out.

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That is great news, Connie! I just did a write up for our local paper and sent it to two others as well. So far I have heard back from one saying they were going to try to print it in the opinion section. I am pretty excited about it! I really wanted to do something to honor my mom and bring attention to the disease that took her from us much too young.

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I think I'll email the TV NEWS stations and some of the radio stations that November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Can't hurt to try. We use to do that, but all the times we did, it only was put on 1 tv news station and 1 radio station. Kind of sad, isn't it? We'll just keep plugging along!

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I emailed one news station.. haven't heard back yet.

My mom was interviewed by a local Christian radio station, for the CTCA, but still, it will be airing this month! :) Also, she was interviewed by a local Christian magazine, and she's featured in it this month as well!! I'll post a link when it gets up. :)

I'm so proud of my mom. :)


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