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Mum finnished Chemo,.. but what now


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My mum's chemo has now finnished for the moment. She has some radiation on her lower spine too. She has been totally wiped out for days, litterally couldnt speak and just lay in bed. She is only getting back on her feet a bit now, but she is very very week. We hope its the treatment that has done this. And hope that she will feel better now that the treatment has stopped. All the doctors and nurses tell us different things every day, they even contradict each other in everything. Totally lost all faith in the medical profession. Myself and my sisters are at our witts end. We feel no one has a clue, and if they dont how are they supposed to save my mum.

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Have you thought about getting a second opinion or to interview a few different oncologists that may be a better fit than the current doctor your mum has? Having confidence in the doc treating your mom is very important.

I hope your mom starts getting some of her energy back soon.


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Thanks for your replies. She is a bit better now and gradually getting back on her feet. Its amazing the difference. I know there are second opinions and that, but my mum doesnt want the hasstle, and we feel we will gain nothing from moving her. Its not just her onc who is treating us badly and seems to be useless, every doctor my mum has been to has messed up in some way, and all the nurses say different things every day and every single person contradicts one another. Its just unbelievable. So we dont trust any of them and think there is no point putting my mum through more by moving onc's when there is nothing they can say that will ever give me faith in doctors ever again. My mum was wrongly diagnosed for 5 months, and she was left in pain. We have no faith in the medical profession and each day with everyone we see just proves to us they cant help her. We are doing everything we can now to make mum as comfortable as possible and going down the alternative medicine route. Cancer is the worst thing in the world, and what is worse is we are alone because the doctors keep messing up.

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