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Lung Surgery for me on Tuesday & updated profile (finall


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Hello All.....

Tomorrow I head for the hospital to have an umbrella filter put in for the DVT...one of my onc. doctor's major concerns is blood clots. Will stay overnight &

on Tuesday thorasic surgeon will do a lobectomy on upper right lobe and as she put it "scoop out" the lymph nodes near the center of my chest. All I could think of when she said that was a melon baller!

The hospital has rollaway cots & recliners that almost become a bed so my husband & daughter will take turns holding my hand. I am so glad that they will be there as I am getting a wee bit anxious about this. From what I've read about the surgery (and heard from other posters) it wil not be the easiest in the world but not the hardest either.

I have been listening to imaging tapes for the past couple of weeks & feel they are helping me. I will imagine having a circle of guardian angels (aka relatives & friends)around me to support me during this time.

I know that I will probably have to do the rad./chemo thing again at some future time but feel that I am up to it & that it will be worth doing.

Any prayers that you wish to say on Tuesday will be most welcome. Hint..Hint.

I appreciate that there is a message board for lung cancer. I have learned much from all of you & so glad of your support & caring.


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Mellon Baller! TOO TOO FUNNY, :lol: but I gotta tell you that's the first thing that came to my mind too! :oops::wink: Glad to see your sense of humor is in tact. Gotta have that!! :wink: It really makes things go much easier.

I'm sure all will go well for you. If you don't feel your husband or your daughters hand olding your's then that will be when I am holding it for them. ((((((((((((((((((CREEKGRLSC))))))))))))))

Sending you positive vibes and sending up extra paryers. MORE IS BETTER!!

We'll be looking for you to post when your feeling up to it. Hang in there.

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You have gone through a lot to get to surgery. I also was staged IIIA. I had the daily radiation and weekly chemo (carboplatinum/taxol) for six weeks before surgery. I also had a 'thing' to show up in my left lung and surgeon would not do surgery until he found out what it was, so I had to have it biopsied. It turned out to be scar tissue. I had an upper right lobectomy on July 1, 2005. I had 20 lymph nodes and one rib bone removed. Pathology report was that all tested negative for cancer. I had two more sessions of chemo after surgery. This time my hair DID fall out. My scans have been clean since my surgery. Wishing and praying for the best for you.


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Hey Creekgirl,

I wish you luck and many prayers during your surgery. I also hope you have just as easy as a surgery as mine. Everything went real smooth during the surgery, stayed in ICU about 6 days (I think it was so I still get the good treatment because the nurses were a little scarce on the recovery floor.) I had my left lung removed and went to Home Depot the day after I was released with my take in hand walking slowly. I know not everyone can be that one but that was easier then this WBR effects. Give me the surgery anyday. Anyways you will do great don't worry about a thing.

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