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Hi,, Ive been busy this week with my hubby Dan,, he had his first chemo on monday and so far he isnt having any side effects,,, On wed he had to have a mri of his back (finally a dr listen to him about the back pain wonderful cancer dr we have) , Dan had a broken verabrat inbetoon his shoulders,,,, so off we went to the city where dan was admitted by a new dr,, who also is caring,, dan had surgery on sat,, they put cement in his back,,, HE has non small cell lung cancer and in his lymoph noled in around his windpipe , also 2 places in his back,, Im still POSTIVE,, we have the pacman in there eating up the cancer we are POSTIVE WITH GOOD DRS AND THE LORD,,,, Drs are talking about a "" cyberknife" i have no ideal what this is ??????? I have been so tired out our daughter went to Pittsburgh to bring him home today YAHHHOOOO I have miss him ,,,

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I can not offer personal experience but there are many here who can attest to the wonders of this. I can give you a link ot some great info on what to expect though. Click on below ot be redirected..


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