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No cyber knife for small cell?


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I was reading the Link that Randy had posted in another area, about cyber knife treatment.

All I could find, is that they are currently using it for non-small cell cancer.

Does anyone have any idea why they won't try it for small cell? (or maybe they are, and I just didn't see it).)

I realize that SC spreads more quickly, etc., but it seems they could at least try it....?

Harry is now finished with his second line of chemo, and I wish I knew what they have in mind for a third treatment course....(just in case).

Thanks for any information. Hope you all have a very good day today.


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My Dad had cyberknife, I suppose it just depends on the location. Unfortunately, we were keeping an eye on the mass in his lungs and he probably died of a pulmonary embolism. Good luck, I do know different centers have different stipulations. Call around!

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I'm no expert, but we were told that this type of treatment is not appropriate for extensive disease. Their feeling was that once there is spread beyond the primary tumor, the cells are now in the blood stream, so this type of treatment would not be of any benefit.

HOWEVER, different doctors have different philosophies. Some are aggressive, some more cautious and passive.

But I have seen many posts here where patients were denied a procedure by doctor 1, doctor 2, then doctor 3 agrees to proceed. If you're not happy satisfied with what you are hearing from your doctor, talk to someone else.

My thoughts are with you both.



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