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We got GOOD NEWS!! :D What a relief, my imagination is a wild and wonderful thing, EXCEPT when it comes to Dean and his being sick...then it gets me in a horrible state of affairs!

The onocologist said that the ct showed a 30% shrinkage in the tumors. That there was still alot of them :( and that they were still all over.

:( ..but...they were responding to the chemo!

He said that it did not appear to be putting pressure on the superior vena cava....WHAT A RELIEF!

He said that the swelling is from the iv fluids,....(which he was getting since Sunday night).

the fact that the lymph nodes all in the chest and neck are infected and not draining that good to begin with since there is so much cancer in the chest wall....and then add steroids to the mix..and you have swelling....flushing of face and shaking!

I was so relieved!!

Dean is so HOT...(no fever)...that he has a fan going full time in his hospital room! I go in and I freeze to death. Autumn (winter) has hit! FINALLY. It has been in the 80's and 90's here...and today when I went to lunch it was 43!! It dropped almost 50 degrees since yesterday at this time! ..No wonder so many people are sick! We have even gotten a little rain! Which we need so much!

It is a great day....we celebrate and praise God for the small blessings!


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Guest canuckwebgrrl


Tumor shrinkage is always good news, and 30% is nothing to sneeze at :D You're doing wonderfully, keeping focused on the positives makes all the difference.

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Good news indeed :)

I am glad that Dean is more comfortable, and so are you I bet...

Steroids make one feel very flushed and sweaty.... I'm glad they have a fan for him.

I hope and pray that the 30% shrinkage is just the beginning of the response to chemo.

Have faith... you and Dean together visualize the tumors shrinking (dying) a layer at a time from the outside, like peeling an onion.

I knew a fellow with stage IV, mets all over, who 7 months later was NED without surgery. Don't know how, but it did happen. My surgeon and my oncologist confirmed it, said it was the darnest thing.

Anything is possible.

I am glad you feel better about things. Don't forget to take care of yourself -- eat right, take vitamins. Don't want you to get sick from the stress.

Prayers and blessings for Lynne and Dean.


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