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Getting to Know You - November 6


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Ok here I go.

I have a Masters Degree in Taxation from Villanova University.

I am a 9 Handicap Golfer.

I am a vegitarian.

Bablove, I'm guessing you were not 17 when you got married.

Lillyjohn I don't think you need to loose 50lbs.

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Babylove, you don't look old enough to have 5 daughters. Lily, you don't look as tho. you need to lose 50 pounds, but you may still be trying to do that. I do believe, however, that you are telling a lie when you say you are not happy. (Hope I'm right) JB, if you were a vegetarian, you would not have spelled the word with 2 "i"s. And Ann, you don't need to be dieting either, but that doesn't mean that you aren't doing so. I don't think you have 4 cats.

I grew up on a farm in Minnesota

I love dogs

All of our sons live in big cities


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ok, you MUST have had a baby that young, because you are a YOUNG and pretty gramma

it's possible you started yoga classes....

i don't know about being a world traveller since you have not been to a LCSC reunion bash YET!!


I am a real blonde

I've been married since I was 18

I secretly have had botox between my brows because my kids always said I "looked" sad all of the time.


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I am thinkin you did not live in the subway.... which means YOU WERE a guest on the Jerry Springer show???? I gotta here the details!!!

by the way...

Katie you were right, I did have a baby at 18... I also did start yoga classes.... The fib was I am far from a world traveller (thus no appearences at LC bashes!!)... Katie... did you really have Botox????

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I've gotta hear about the Jerry Springer show and my gosh what WAS the topic?? LOL

Sharon, yes I have had botox done once.

For over 6 weeks after my mom died I wouldn't get out of bed...I can't describe how ugly that was...I was just so lonely and sad. For my birthday, Rick begged me to tell him anything I wanted and I was JOKING when I said "botox! the kids both say I look so very "sad" all the time" Sure enough, I got a gift certificate for Birthday Botox on my birthday and I went and had it done. Two little shots in the furrow between my brows and shazam, I wasn't "sad" looking anymore....


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I'm 6 foot 5 and I look damn good

I drive a Maserati

I live ine the suburbs in North CArolina

I spent 4 years in the sub service of the United states Navy under the great Ronald Reagan

I want to know about the Jerry springer episode

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I TOTALLY faked you guys out!

I think that being on Springer would be way more horrifying than the time I spent living underground in NYC! That was a very long time ago. I was only 19. But I have to say that the experience changed me for the better.

Randy, I know you look damn good!

I know you live in NC.

So I have to guess you only drive the Maserati in your dreams!

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Sharon not a world travler

Ann does not watch football she is a NASCAR fan

Muriel I think your sons live on farms or in the country

Katie you are not a natural blond

Nyka not on Jerry Springer

Randy not 6'5"

JC not a vegetarian

Thanks for nice comments but I definately need to lose 50 pounds and I am working on it everyday. I had to get serious so now I am exercising and dieting but I'm hoping I don't blow it when I get to Louisiana with all that good sea

food and Holiday meals.By the way that picture is almost a year old. I can't figure out how to post a new one.

Katie can you help me out with that?

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Randy taking lyrics from country songs, one of my favorit genres, will not get past me. So you 6'5" and look damn good, drive a maserati, are a black belt in karate is the lie, cuase you're so much cooler online.

Nyka...I'm actually upset, I was looking forward to hearing about the springer show...lol..U and my parents would get along great, Law and order is all they watch.

I figured Katie wasn't a true blonde.

And why was it so obvious that I was not a vegitarian????

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