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Getting to Know You - November 6


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Okay Bruce, I know your not a bachelor unless of course, Dolly Parton is asking... :wink:

Also Muriel, I know you love dogs and that at least 2 of your sons live in big cities.. so it must be the farm in Minnesota (although I thought that one was true also)

The rest of the posts I can't even guess at. Mine:

1. I once fell in love with a homeless street musician and spent my weekends sleeping in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.

2. I've never mowed a lawn.

3. I have 3 animals.

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Debi, I think you have 3 animals (some might call them pets) and you lived in OK too long not to have ever mowed the lawn, so tell us about your homeless street musician. This sounds as exciting as Nyka69's subway experience.

You are right about the sons in big cities - all three of them and about the dogs. I grew up in Minneapolis. The closest I ever got to a farm was when we lived near the U of M. Ag campus.


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No to three animals

Randy you are not 6'5''

I flew a Cessna 1955 when

the pilot, my friend passed out.

In those day could fly a small plane

as I was training for my license,

but could not drive a car.

My mother changed all that, she gave

me a car and driving lessons, my

brother was a pilot in WWII and she

did not want to lose me like she

lost him in a crash.


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OK....Since this has gotten a bit confusing...lol...I think we should all now post our truths.

I'll begin....

YES....I have four cats...Buddy, Jake, Spencer and Morgan

YES....I absolutely love watching football. You have to bomb me away from TV on the weekends!

NO....I'm not on the Atkins Diet, although I need to be.

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For the first time sense I was about 12 years old I wore a costume for Halloween I made it up myself. No one recognized me until they heard my voice. I posted the picture on My Space and my own children and grandchildren didn't recognize me. My youngest son thought it was one of the people in the Mardi Gras krewe his wife rides in! So that is true.

I am a happy person now. It took me a life time to get here, but I made it. I had those few precious months with Johnny and over the years their were some happy times in my life. What I feel now is different. I feel like a whole person. I have family, friends and of coarse a much closer relationship with God. I value all of those things and the wonderful memories that I have as well.

When I quit smoking over a year and a half ago I gained 40 pounds before I even realized what was happening. Sense the picture you see was taken I have gained another 10 pounds. The clothes I was wearing in the picture make me look smaller. I exercise every day and have changed my eating habits. I try to follow my diet fairly close though not exactly. One of the best incentives I have is to put pictures of myself around the house so I never forget how much I need to lose weight :wink:

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Yes, I did have a 'thing' with a street musician who actually played drums on upside down trash cans. I would take the LIRR from suburbia every Friday night after leaving my job and become a weekend freak :lol: with a park full of wannabe hippies.

I never mowed a lawn - I am allergic to grass, plus my father used to fix lawnmowers and was constantly coming home wiht stories about people losing their toes, etc. And who said being neurotic isn't hereditary?? :P

Lastly, I actually have 4 pets (thank you Muriel for introducing me to that word :wink: ). I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I don't know what I was thinking...

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Everone already guessed mine, but just in case.

I do have a master's degree, I am a 9 handicap golfer, I am not a vegitarian. In fact, pretty much all I like to eat is red meat. I'll have a steak, medium, with a side of steak, and for desert i think I'll try the steak. And a couple of beers with that would be great thanks.

Ginny, I don't know who pat paulsen is so I'm guessing that's your lie...lol.

I think Ann's is the only one I guessed right. JC I thought 4-5 books was a lot for a 7 day span...You must be a speed reader. It takes me 4-5 days to read a page.

This topic was the BEST. In fact, I'll give you three more.

I have two hole in one's.

I watch Sienfield reruns nightly.

I LOVE Grey's Anatomy and watch it religously.

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I don't know who Pat Paulson is either. Like JB, I'm guessing that's your lie. And, it's hard to discover a person. Who is Pat Paulson, tho?

JB, I don't think you love Grey's Anatomy.

Here are my new ones: 1. I love musical theater 2. We have a banana tree in our backyard 3. I lived in Oklahoma.

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I was born in Germany

I played trumpet in Marching Band

I have been to every state on the east coast to visit

Muriel, do you really truly LOVE musical theatre??

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Ginny I am beginning to think that you really did discover Pat Paulson. It is just too strange to think up otherwise.

For those who don't know. Pat Paulson was a comedian back in the 60s. His claim to fame is that he ran for president more than anyone else :!:

Here I go again.

I have 8 grandchildren

I had my first child at 17

I am going to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Louisiana

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muriel, I can see the bananna tree, I can see getting to FLA by way of Oklahoma, so I'm guessing musical theatre is your lie.

Randy, I can see the trumpet now, and I believe Germany just seems a bit random to make up, so I am guessing that you have a few states left on the east coast.

Lillyjohn you've stumped me, so out of the blue I'm guessing that you're not going to visit family in LA, you may visit family, but not in LA.

Ginny I play golf wherever they'll accept me lol. Actually got around quite a bit down here this year. I played Brookside CC in Pottstown twice, Lederauch, I know the GM there, Raven's claw, and Bella Vista were the 4 big ones. I live about 1/2 mile from twin ponds so I'll hit that a couple times, usually early & Late in the season kind of as ahhh I got nothing else going on may as well run to twin ponds. Gilbertsville GC, played somewhere on the outskirts of Phoenixville this year too, what the heck was the name of it? I still play in three different 3 day tournaments with my brother, but they are in the coal region by where I grew up. I better start before everyone realizes what a golf Junky I am. PM me if you ever want to catch a quick nine. Where is Montgomery Twp. I know I've been through it, just can't place it in my mind.

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Lily, I think you are going to spend Christmas, not T'giving in LA. I think you may have 8 grandchildren, but I'm not sure about how old you were when your first child was born. So, I guess I don't know your "lie."

Randy, I think you may have visited east coast states with Naval Bases. You live in NC and have probably visited SC. RI, NH, and ME are all close to each other. Visit one and you probably get to all of them. I'm just not sure that you have been in Georgia or that you played the trumpet in marching band.

JB, I don't think you watch Grey's Anatomy. You did identify the lie in my 3 statements, but for the wrong reason. We lived in 4 states between our time in OK and in FL. Moved here from northern VA. I really do not like musicals!


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Ginny I believe you have 9 grandchildren, Pat Paulson I wouldn't brag about that. I don't think you play the piano.

Lil, I believe you have 8 grandchildren and you will be there for Thanksgiving but I don't think you had your first child at 17.

I think the rest were answered... here goes.

1. I am only 5' tall

2. I was at woodstock

3. I was a barmaid for a couple of years

Maryanne :wink:

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And now for guesses,

Nyka--I don't think you can wiggle your nose like a bunny, but why would you like entomolgy????? Just not sure

Maryanne--I think you are taller than 5'

Lillyjohn--I think you do not have 8 grands

Randy-- I don't think you played trumpet, maybe.....drums???

Ginny--I don't think you discovered Pat Paulsen. He was goofy wasn't he?


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