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Getting to Know You - November 6


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I am having trouble keeping up with all of you. I will say Maryanne I think of you as about 5'3" not 5'.

Randy play us a good march song to march to the pub. I say that because I am guessing you did or do play trumpet.

My truths are. I have 8 grandchildren ranging in age from 25 down to 6.

My oldest son was born when I was 17 years old.

Muriel is right. I am not going to Louisiana for Thanksgiving but I will be leaving here around the 10th of December to spend Christmas and Mardi Gras and my Birthday with my family in Louisiana.

By the way I also have 2 great grandchildren. Caroline will turn 1 while I am in Louisiana and her mama (my granddaughter) will turn 21 the same day. They will be down from Tennessee where they live. Her husband is stationed in Kentucky just across the border.

My great grandson is 6 months old and I have never seen him so I am really looking forward to my trip for all of those reasons.

I just know too that I will be glad to get back home after being gone that long too.

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You're all wrong. (tee hee) I am 5' short. My lie was that I was a barmaid.

JB- I don't think you love Grey's ananamy

Barb I don't think you have triplet girls, even though I also feel the Larry the Cable guy in Nebraska...?? I don't know as that is a funny one to put in. So really not sure.

Maryanne :wink:

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Think everyone has been answered so far except barbs. Larry the Cable guy is from Nebraska and is a HUGE blackshirts fan, so pretty sure you could have met hime pretty easily...Git R Done. I'm thinking the triplets, just to rare. Cool if true, but too rare to believe.

As for me...I EASILY FOOLED YOU GUYS. Set you all up with my previous posts, and the threw one past you. SO here are MY answers.

I do watch Sienfeld almost nightly...Jack loves him too.

In 15 years of Golf, i have hit every part of the hole, including hitting the front of the cup, bouncing off the flag, and landing one small half inch from winning me a brand new car. All that said, I have NEVER had a hole in one....

Which means that I do watch grey's anatomy religously...Not afraid to admit it. I do it. Every Thursday I'm there. I, Like george, am in love with both Calley O'maly and Izzy at the same time...

Oh boy am I going to take the abuse for this one.

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So I would say that you don't eat ice cream every night cause being from TN, I know you are a UT fan...

How did you time the April 1st babies..Now that's talented...

1. I wrestled on Bourbon St. in the ring.

2. I was 5th in the nation amateur women's 8 ball champion.

3. I was a guest of Tower of Power and hung out with the sax player.

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I think everyone has given their answers (hope I didn't miss anyone).

1 - Susan Sarandon bumped into me in a restaurant.

2 - I saw Regis Philbin on the street yelled "Hey Reg!" and he waved.

3 - I made burgers for Run DMC (hip hop group during the 1980s)at White Castle.

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I'm with you Barbb. I don't think Peggy was a cocktail waitress.

And you are correct - I didn't yell at Regis. No self respecting New Yorker acknowledges the presence of the famous.

But I will say that Susan Sarandon didn't even say excuse me when she bumped into me...how rude! :evil:

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Gotcha! When Don was in the Army in OJT in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma in 1969, I couldn't find work. Companies did not want to hire transients for sure. I finally applied for a job at the NCO Club as a cocktail waitress. It lasted for three weeks until Don got in a fight at the Club with somebody that pinched my you know what. Hee hee! I ironed officer's fatigues for the rest of our stay in Oklahoma until Don went to Viet Nam. Got 50 cents a shirt and 50 cents for pants - including starch!



P.S. My lie was that I drink green tea. I hate it!

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I started watching the soaps with the lady who baby sat me. She had the only tv at that time and they were all only 15 minutes a day. She had a bad heart so she watched them every day. I was 5 years old. They were Love of Life, Search for Tomorrow and Guilding Light. There was also one called Vallient Lady but the name is all I remember about it.

I am an avid reader. Sometimes when I had nothing else to read I would read the encyclopedia for pleasure. When I took the test to see how much I needed of each subject to get my GED I was told that I had the highest reading score the instructor had ever seen.

I did alright with Math but I am devoted to History espcially American History. My favorite novels are even Historical Fiction. I also like to go to places of History and learn all I can about them. When we went to Manasas my husband said all he saw was an empty field. In my mind I saw both battles!

So those of you who said I don't love math are right. I do love History.

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