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Say a Prayer for Creekgirlsc today Please??


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Tuesday thorasic surgeon will do a lobectomy on upper right lobe and as she put it "scoop out" the lymph nodes near the center of my chest. All I could think of when she said that was a melon baller!

The hospital has rollaway cots & recliners that almost become a bed so my husband & daughter will take turns holding my hand. I am so glad that they will be there as I am getting a wee bit anxious about this. From what I've read about the surgery (and heard from other posters) it wil not be the easiest in the world but not the hardest either.

I have been listening to imaging tapes for the past couple of weeks & feel they are helping me. I will imagine having a circle of guardian angels (aka relatives & friends)around me to support me during this time.

I know that I will probably have to do the rad./chemo thing again at some future time but feel that I am up to it & that it will be worth doing.

Any prayers that you wish to say on Tuesday will be most welcome. Hint..Hint.

I appreciate that there is a message board for lung cancer. I have learned much from all of you & so glad of your support & caring.


Hoping for the best results possible and praying for a success!!!
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Hello All.....

Thanks & a special thanks to Randy for posting the "prayers needed" for my surgery. I should have posted sooner but for some reason I have very little energy or stamina...I wonder why? Could it be because I am a lobe short...lol.

The surgeon got everything that she went in to get but I ended up staying longer in the hospital because of my DVT & having lost more blood than they thought I would. I was given 2 pints to make up for the loss.

I have been walking as much as I can & doing my breathing exercises & taking my meds. but it is really slow going. The pulmonary doctor told me that for my age group I am right on target but to not expect to be back to what I was before. It can take months according to him.I will probably always have the breathing problem.

I have also had a large swelling along part of the surgery cut. My husband is referring to it as my "third breast". It is painful & I was in the hospital for a day last week while they tried to aspirate it but all they got was a little blood. I am trying to get in touch with the surgeon to find out what she might want to do about it. It is getting smaller but very gradually & there is bruising there also.

But.....& this is my very, very good news. The pathology report showed that there was no cancer in my body at this time so no follow up chemo. The oncologist said there is nothing there to treat. They will do scans at some future time as there is a chance that cancer could come back in 2 years, 5 years or never. But his thought is to just go on with my life as if I will not get it again. I could waste a lot of time worrying about something that may or may not happen.

So that's it from the Creek for now....thanks again for all your prayers & positive thoughts & good wishes. I know they had a lot to do with my feeling that I had support from others during this time.


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I found this late too, and was just getting ready to offer up prayers for your surgery to go smoothly, when I saw that it was finished and you were recovering!

Yayyyy! :D

I was VERY happy to read your post.

Have a good Christmas, and prayers for healing are going up for you.


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