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anyone see the live chat with sloan doctor?


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Hi Friends,

There was a live chat with Dr. Mark Kris from Sloan Kettering today at plwc.org. I tried to get in but couldnt - probably my computer - but anyway tomorrow they will have the transcript from the chat. He is the doctor my father's oncologist wanted him to see, but he only sees brand new no chemo before lung cancer patients so we are seeing his associate tomorrow at Sloan. We're praying for some good news and good options. He started IMRT this week and so far so good.

Anyway, I plan on looking for that transcript and I'll let you know.

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Thanks, Bob, I was just going to post the link, and I agree, nothing that we havent discussed here before. He did mention the type of radiation my father is getting - stronger doses with pinpoint accuracy - IMRT.

We did go to Sloan Kettering in NYC today for a second opinion. It turns out he agrees my our oncologist, go ahead with IMRT and see results before going any further. I guess I was expecting him to pull a miracle out of his hat, I guess Id better leave that to God! Anyway, he did say he was confident the radiation was going to be successful.

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