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Pain relief


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I need some help finding good pain relief. Andy can't sleep due to the pain and that either leaves him sleeping on and off most of the day or crabby due to pain and lack of rest.

We have tried sleeping pills (ambien) but the pain still wakes him. He doesn't want to be groggy and zombied out thru the day due to pain killers. Anyone have any suggestions on what to try?

He has tried tylanol 3, dilauid and one other I can't recall.

His pain seems to be in the muscle or nerve in the upper back just below the shoulder blade where the tumor is. The Doc suggested pain patches for the area but the insrance has a $250. per month co-pay that leaves them out of our reach.

any advice would be awesome!

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My husband had always had difficulty sleeping. He tried all the OTC sleep aides and Ambien with no success. We found that Restoril worked best for him for sleep.

The problem with opiate pain killers is that they are sedating. Years before my husband was dx with lc, he had to be on high doses of Oxycontin for back pain. He was exremely sleepy at first, but as his body became used to taking these med, the sides effects lessened and he was able to function normally.

I have no suggestions for what type of pain meds may be right for Andy. I recommend seeing a pain specialist for help. I hope he finds relief soon.

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