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MN Survivorship Program


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I was lucky enough to take part in this neat event!

My local hospital has a non-profit Foundation that raises money to sponsor/fund major health projects. Each year the foundation holds a Wine Auction and dinner for approximately 1000 local business, community leaders and health care professionals raising $500,000+/annually to go towards the chosen project.

This year the foundation chose to sponsor a new Cancer Survivorship program for my oncologists offices. The program will be the first established in Minnesota.

I was honored to participate in a video that was shown to the 1000 guests at fundraising event in October discussing survivorship issues.

The interview took about 2 1/2 hours at my home. I was scared to death but excited too. In addition to my interview, there was two other cancer survivors (prostate and melanoma) and 3 doctors/social workers. Each person involved was interviewed for at least two hours, all to be condensed to a 6 minute video. :lol: I got to attend the black tie/evening gown event with my husband. What a weird feeling it was sitting and seeing myself up on the big screen!

I am proud to live in a state that continues to improve services for cancer survivors. I am proud to be a SURVIVOR OF LUNG CANCER and I look forward to a day that everyone touched by lung cancer remains a survivor.

God bless us all,


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Way to Go Wendy! It is SO nice to hear Minnesota is sponsoring/funding a Cancer Survivorship Program this year. :wink::wink: Awesome!

Way to Go Regions Hospital! Thank you on behalf of lung cancer survivors everywhere for representing us. (((((WENDY)))))))

Little by little we are getting the word out that people DO SURVIVE LUNG CANCER! :wink:

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