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Gratitude - November 8th 2007


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The snow storm passed

us by.......so grateful

about it.

Ready to face the cold but

not the snow.

Treatment refused at the hospital

no anesthesia for me unless it is

for an operation, test abnormal.

Next go with physiotherapy treatments,

will see which (nearly wrote witch)

doctor will be willing to give the

needed prescription for it.

Have a good day.


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I am grateful that I have gained so many friends in the past 5 years. People here where I live and so many of you on this message board. I really appreciate all of you.

Ry you have helped so many it is time that you get some of that returned to you. You and your children are constantly in my prayers.

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I am thankful that I had new nausea meds with my chemo on wednesday have have felt almost human since.

I'm also thankful that my sister is still here and taking care of me.....sit down, I'll do that, do you need something to eat, I'll clear up........what wonderful words. She even made my bed, did the laundry and the ironing. She's a good 'un, I think I'll keep her.

I'm usually on my own all day after my tx - someone has to work to pay the bills - so this is a real treat.


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