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Col's MRI


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Brain still clean, no new disease. Great news, but expected...Thank God no surprises. Next big test is the chest, abs, & pelvis CT coming. Results Dec. 10th. Scanxiety to begin soon. Thanks so much for everyone's prayers and thoughts.

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Hey-hey!! Good news JB and Colleen!

I still want to know if she let you pop the CD in before the Doc's meeting though. LOL -- smart Colleen -- the purse! :D (That's because it definitely is one area where a man has no business sticking his nose into and even more, knows better then to stick his nose into! :wink: )


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Just wanted to thank you all for your kind words. Col and I both thought the appt was pretty cool. The nuerologist left to re-read the MRI and came back in with a print out. Side by side of the MRI done the night she went in and the one just done. AMAZING...her tumor was HUGE. It literally took up the whole right side of the MRI in te first picture. We looked at one another and we're like that's totally COOL. Amazing, the first two months out, we would show everyone the scan saying look at the size of this, but we haven't looked at it in almost a year, and it just reminded us how far she has come. i wish we could find a way to post it on here.

As far as the purse goes, I had my suspicions, but that was never left alone with me. Second, I have NO business going in there, and third, the thought of aving to sort through the mess in there, would have been enough to scare anyone away. Plus, it would have taken me 3 days just to figure out which purse it was in. It's not like she has just one Randy. lol.

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