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Gratitude - November 9th 2007


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Already some posts for

November 9th under

November 8th

so all fine.

Friday, the day

students and workers

are waiting for.

You got it it is here.

Grateful that the hospital

made ANOTHER ERROR........

not new with me.

The peridural infiltration

is not under anesthesia so

will get one when everybody

can see straight and think

straight. Maybe months or

next year but will see that

I get what I need.....got the

referral slip already just need

an appointment..........

Grateful that I stay sane

with the mess of the health

system in Quebec.

Always think of Fay when

an error is made.

Grateful that Ry is posting,

we are here for you as you were

here for us.

Grateful that school is going fine

with Nova and that Geri has help

and feeling better.

Grateful for the US health

service.......wish we had the


Have a nice week end.


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