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From my kiddo:


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(as written to me in pencil last night- to post here)


my name is hunter and I am 10 now and I am walking in a lung cancer walk. this is my first time ever. i hope i can do it but my mom is doing it with me so i will be ok. here is my page. i am going to go door to door this weekend to ask for sponsors if i don't have alot of homework. ok bye.


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When I read what your son Hunter wrote I was touched beyond words. I, to, have a Hunter Brown for a son. My Hunter is 14 and is the light of my life. He has been an enormous source of strength to me since he found out that his grandfather was dx'd with lc. Always positive and always trying to take care of me. I think God blessed us with two wonderfuls boys.


Good luck in reaching your goal Hunter!!!!!

Teresa Brown

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Thank you guys SO SO MUCH, Teresa, Teri and Randy!!.

He is in school until 3PM (central) so he doesn't even know about your donations yet. He will be SO happy and proud.

You guys are simply the best.

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and thank you Pat, Sharon, Bucky and Maryanne!!.

Absolutely we would walk in memory of your dad too Sharon!

Actually I think of him and Cathy's dad and ALOT of dear dear people we've lost in the past 5 years at every walk I go to.

PM me or post your daddy's name so I can tell Hunter and we can say his name when we walk next Saturday.

(((hugs))) You guys are the greatest!!

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Hey Master Hunter, Would you do me a huge favor and walk in my honor please, being I am unable to attend? Would you also please walk in memory of my mom, Lorriane, my dad, Winford (Winnie), my sister Bonnie and my Grandpa Boche for me. They all lost there life to lung cancer.

I will send in my donation tomorrow. Don't have my credit card in front of me at this time.

Thank you Hunter for doing this, and thank mom for doing this too. :wink:



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Hey Hunter...way to go big guy....Katie..you have to be so proud of your son..I know I am....I will be sending my donation in tomorrow or Sunday when I get back on line...Have to dig out my credit card and right now it is 3AM and I am falling asleep...zzzzzz

You can count on it...

Hugs to Hunter and you too Katie...and good luck on the walk...Nonni

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Hunter (and Katie)-

I am not reading much these days so I hadn't read your post until tonight. My kids miss there dad so much, it was a great surprise to see his name on your page. Now I will dig out my credit card-- let us know how the walk goes.


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Thank you Rochelle so much!!

My heart breaks for you and your kids...I can't imagine how hard this is for them at this age, or how badly it hurts watching them...while you are going thru your own pain too.

Hunter's best friend's mom passed away in May, she had ovarian cancer and she was younger than me. He's had an up close look at what his friend is going thru and has a big sensitivity in his heart for those who have lost their parents.

Please know we BOTH are keeping all of you in our hearts and prayers.

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what a great letter! i realized that this year i've given a lot of money to leukemia/lymphoma (i seem to know a lot of folks who did marathons and bike rides in memory of people and i supported all of them) and then my sister, brotehr in law and i raised abut $4000 for the livestrong foundation doing the bike ride in philly. but i've not supported a lung cancer specific foundation and that's just wrong of me! :o so glad to help out, i'll bet he is thrilled to have overshot his goal!

(my real name is kim, and if you are thinking of folks while walking, add my sister kelly to that list please)

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