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Kasey and Fred's Pub- COME ONE COME ALL!!!


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I want to invite everyone to come to their pub this weekend.

They really deserve all the hoopla we can give them.

Kasey along with hubby Fred walked 3.5 miles in the SJ walk.... She did it... yep our girl did it.

I am so proud of her and I know they were hurting, so I will do the bartending for this weekend only. and they could relax with all their LCHELP friends.

Of course for them drinks are on the house.


Let me know what you will bring.

I will bring the oldies but goodies songs that they love.


Maryanne :wink:

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WOW......Fred and I are pumped for the weekend now :lol: !!!! It all sounds so wonderful. We sure hope many of our friends stop by ~ lots of folks need supoort after a couple of bad weeks. Others are into scan time. And others just need to be among friends, I bet. The Pub has been rather lonely for some time :? . So we are looking forward to this.

Thanks Maryanne. I suppose to the everyday person, a 3-1/2 mile trek is nothing. I've got multiple back, hip, and feet problems, so for ME it was like a marathon. I'm proud of myself too!!!!!

Can't wait to 'see' everyone. And BTW........I haven't been around much this week. Seems Monday I came down with one doozy of a cold :roll::x . Today is the first I've felt anywhere near human! So I'm off to a great weekend :wink: !


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Thank you, Trish!!!! I'm sure after your home remedies I will be up and rarin' to go!!! And I am very sorry I missed all of Geri's tidbits :cry: !

Gotta add about the walk..........NO PROBLEM for Fred! He is a very active and fit guy. Now he did have his prostate removed last year, but as far as I know, that doesn't affect one's BREATHING :wink: ! His back, legs, and hips work just great, so the 3-1/2 miles was just a breeze, I guess, for him. He TELLS me it was long and all, but that's just because he always tries to make me feel better about things. Isn't he just the best?????

Come on everyone, we all haven't been together for a long time now! Teddy's excited for all the critters!


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