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23 months.. unreal....


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Today marks 23 months since Brad's passing. It is incredible to believe as some days it feels like it was an eternity ago and others like it was yesterday. I have done my best to keep those promises I made to him the day before he left, the promises to never stop searching for THE CURE and to never stop doing what I can to help others who are touched by cancer. I have done my best to do those things. Brad also taught me and my family to ALWAYS find the positives in any given situation. I think I have done that, as well.

I am not using this forum as a way to self promote my cause as that does not seem really appropriate to me, but I do want to ask for your help and suggestions. I know that some people here are aware that I have been working on my own website, nothing at all like this wonderful community, but a website devoted to Helping People Touched By Cancer. It is all in memory and honor of Brad and those promises I made but it has grown to become so much more than just that. All of the resources on my site are used strictly by permission only. I am working on a few new ventures, including a new page devoted to kids and helping them deal with cancer, be it their own or that of a parent or other loved one. I am also hoping to gain a non profit status by early next year and am hoping to have my own foundation to help provide funding to lung cancer research as well as to some other worthy causes that I have become involved with. Lung cancer will be my primary focus as that is what took Brad, took too many of our loved ones here and needs to be brought to the forefront of awareness as well as receiving more money for funding research and treatment options. If you'd like to see what I have done, and please do not think I am here talking about this for any other reason than I would really appreciate your suggestions and input, the site's address is www.cancergrief.com

I'm sad today, thinking about how much time has passed since Brad left this life, but I am also very happy to be a part of this community. I pray for each and every member here every day, I ache for those of you who have lost loved ones, and I cheer for those who come and share their wonderful and most welcome good news. I also pray every day for THE CURE to be uncovered and for a future without cancer in it.

Thank you all for your warmth and caring and support over the past couple of years. I am so grateful to all of you for being here..



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Feeling your sadness and letting you know I care. Bless you for carrying on with your vision in Brad's honor. It is a nice site with a lot of information for so many parts of this journey. Keep us updated on your not-for-profit status.

You are a wise and supportive friend.



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Thank you all so very much for your heartfelt replies to me here. Your posts and private messages mean so very much to me.

This whole cancer journey/grief nightmare is so tough on us all. My hope is that my site will bring some valued information as well as comfort and hope to those who visit.

Katie and Rick, after having taken on this project I have even more admiration and appreciation for all that you have done here. My site was "born" in February of this year and has involved countless hours of research and work but has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

Again, my appreciation to all of you who chose to encourage me and thanks so much for all of your well wishes and support. You guys are the BEST!



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