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Is my mom towards the end of her life?


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My mom has been diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer mets to bone, adrenal glands, lymph nodes....in April 07. She has no chemo.....right now she is too weak to get up on her own. She is on soooo much meds that she is not totally there. Decadron, Time released Morphine, and for break through pain liquid Morphine. She is sweating soooo profusely! Her bone pain is so severe that my sister has to give her 3 mls of liquid Morphine at one time. We have to feed her food. She still has eats pretty good. Her feet, face, and hands are so swollen. She is sleeping most of the time. Her breathing is somewhat labored......It is sooooo hard to see her this way!! I feel soooo bad for her that I can't look at her. Is that selfish?? So what should I expect??? Thanks in advance!!

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I understand what you are going through. Everyone is different with this disease in the end stages. And you are not being selfish by any means. You just ahte to see mom in so much pain and suffereing. Just be with her and tell her you love her and thats about all I can reccommend right now..

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I know its so hard to see them suffer and change...my mom had stage IV that spread to the brain....with her it was 2 and a half months from beginning to end...in the beginning she did good with chemo and radiation...then in a matter of a week she she swelled up and was not herself....I know its hard to see her like that but just being there for her means so much....I use to read to my mom, and sometimes just hold her hand and pray to God to give me strength...I kept myself so busy reembering her meds, finding out everything I could about lc, and the people here are wonderful and have experienced so many things with lc...If I could helpanswer any questions for you let me know...

Your not alone.....My prayers are with you......

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