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1st meeting w/Oncologist & treatment plan

Guest hearrean

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Guest hearrean

Well, I had my 1st meeting with my MD Anderson Oncologist today. He sat & explained my particular lung cancer type & how he felt it should respond to treatment. He explained to me that mine was Large Cell but did support the morphologic impression of neuroendocrine carcinoma. That's the bad news, but if there is any good news, it's that this type usually responds well to chemo similar to Small Cell. I must say this Oncologist will absolutely not commit to whether my prognosis is good or not. He just kept saying that the most important thing is my quality of life. I have to say that didn't make me feel so comfortable.

Anyway, he is trying me on (2) different chemo drugs, Irinotecan & Cisplatin. He also said he was planning a low dosage. It will be one (5) hour dose per week for 6 weeks. I'm not exactly sure why the low dose. But he did say that my side affects should be minimal because of the low dosage. He said we would do a chest X-Ray in 3 weeks after start of chemo to check for any gross changes. He also said I could have the treatments here locally. I addition to my primary mass in the upper right lobe, he told me that there was also a small (less than 1 cm) FDG avid (SUV max 3.7) nodule in the right upper lobe to the right of the primary. It is uncertain whether this represents the primary lung malignancy or whether it's a satellite nodule which would indicate a met. If this is a met from the primary tumor, he basically said I probably would not be a surgery candidate because it would do no good. He said if it had spread here, then it would spread to other areas more than likely. Again, he brings up this quality of life statement again.

Anyway, has anyone had any experience with the (2) chemo drugs I mentioned?


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Sorry, no experience here with that chemo regimen. But I'm sure others will share their experienes with you.

I'm glad you have a treatment plan in place. And although you didn't find it comforting, I'm glad your oncologist didn't make any commitments regarding prognosis. There is no way for him to know. Too many docs are quick to provide false hope or scare the crap out of you based on a guess.

Wishing you success in your treatments and complete recovery.


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